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Upcoming concerts
The Uuno Klami Society recommends that all Uuno Klami fans make a note of the following concerts. 10.3.2017 at 7 pm Helsinki Music Centre, Helsinki
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Committee of the Uuno Klami Society elected
The Annual General Meeting of the Uuno Klami Society was held at Käpylä Church on Thursday, 9.6.2016. Before the meeting, Dr Helena Tyrväinen gave a talk headed “In the wake of Whirls: Uuno Klami and the changing Finnish-French musical relations”.
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Honorary membership of the Uuno Klami Society for Helena Tyrväinen
Dr Helena Tyrväinen was awarded honorary membership of the Uuno Klami Society on 23.5.2016 in recognition of her meritorious research into Uuno Klami and her work on behalf of the Uuno Klami Society.
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Registration for the III Uuno Klami Composition Competition for children and young people began
One of the world’s leading and most popular competitions of its kind, it invited all children and young people interest in composing to take part. A national composition competition to be held in 2016–2017, it is intended for amateur composers and composition students aged 10–19.
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Orchestral part of The Karelian Market Place published
The Uuno Klami has paid for the publication of the score of A Karelian Market Place. The score is on sale at Ostinato.
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Deadline for the III International Uuno Klami Composition Competition fast approaching
The deadline for the III International Uuno Klami Composition Competition, which has elicited an enthusiastic reception, is fast approaching: entries must reach the competition office by 2.12.2013 at the latest. The competition’s positive image has clearly spread abroad and favourable comments about the importance of the competition and all it offers have come in from all over the world, from composers and other professionals in the field of music.
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Whirls at the Aleksanteri Theatre 25.–31.8.2011
The alpo aaltokoski company is staging a contemporary dance performance at the Aleksanteri Theatre in Helsinki to the music of Whirls by Uuno Klami. The three-act ballet Whirls to be premiered in August at last has a choreography. The music completed by Kalevi Aho will be heard in a taped version made by the Lahti Symphony Orchestra and can now be heard in its entirety for the first time.
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Seminar: Uuno Klami and contemporaries
The Uuno Klami Society and the Sibelius Academy Docmus unit are together holding a seminar “Uuno Klami and contemporaries – 1920s modernism in Finnish music: new perspectives, unknown compositions”. The seminar will be held in the Sibelius Academy Chamber Music Hall, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 9, on 1.–2.10.2010.
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A new score is published
The latest score published by the Uuno Klami Society, the piano concerto Une nuit à Montmartres (UKS-5) is now on sale at Ostinato Oy.
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New Klami CD released by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra has released a new Klami CD, ODE 1143-2.
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The Uuno Klami Composition Competition
The Uuno Klami Composition Competition has been won by German Joachim F.W. Schneider, who claimed victory in the competition finals in Kotka with his composition Drei Orchesterstücke.
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